About the Biophotonics Laboratory

The lab was formed in the Immunology Frontier Research Center (Ifrec), as one of the imaging groups setup to collaborate with immunology. We are focused on creating new techniques that can be used to study interesting problems in immunology or biology. A lot of our research is in development of label-free techniques to study molecular, cellular, or tissue level information related to immunology. The cellular changes which occur as a response to immune stimulation are a key interest of our lab.

We also collaborate with several applied physics groups at Osaka University and welcome collaborations with physics, biology or chemistry-based researchers. Please see our research pages and publications for our current interests, and our opportunities page for information on hosting students or visitors.

Current funding

IFREC funding Kakenhi funding JSPS Core to Core funding

Past funding

Uehara funding Sumitomo foundationCasio foundation
WPI funding FIRST funding PARC funding
PRESTO funding Nakatani foundation Inamori foundation